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Beach Bag

South Coast Vibes

Maybe it's the Rum Punch

Ryan Forde
Jamal Griffith
Shore Line Executive

No matter what you are down for, or for that matter, trying to get up to, the south coast is a vibe, day or night! From Hastings to Oistins, this stretch of coastal road is filled with the sights, sounds, food, people, vibrant nightlife and laid-back beach culture synonymous with Barbados.

The south coast is where the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean merge and create an interesting mix of surf conditions, with some beaches being calmer and more relaxing, to some offering a bit more bounce and roll in the wave. Much like the mixing of the waters, the south coast is also where worlds collide and cohabitate; where locals and tourists mingle, interact and ultimately break down superficial divides in culture and ways of life.

South Coast must-do: Try the food, all of it, the local food, the fast food, the street food and even the gas station food, trust me, it’s all good; visit Oistins Bay Gardens for the freshest fish and a real dose of authentic Bajan culture; visit St. Lawrence Gap from as early as 6 pm, grab a rum punch or Banks Beer and catch the awe inspiring sunset from the shore of the tiny bay, called Little Bay; take a stroll on the south coast boardwalk – just over a mile long. Before Netflix and chill there was Drive-In and chill. Catch the latest movie releases under the stars, in the comfort of your own car, at one of the only drive- in theaters in the Caribbean.

Yuh know, maybe it’s just the rum punch, but the South Coast has this almost palpable feeling of love and good energy that seems to wash over many who visit and spend time in the area and why so many Bajans, like myself, are proud to call this area home.

Ryan Forde

Beach Daze - Accra Beach

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Some of our Faves


Paint & Groove

St. Lawrence Gap


The Drive-In

Lagoon Experience

The Boardwalk

Golf at Rockley

Oistins Bay Garden

Archery in the Gap

Food & Drink


Blakey’s on the Boardwalk

Tiki Bar

Bubba’s Sports Bar

Cocktail Kitchen

6Mix Bar + Kitchen


Worthing Square

Cafe Sol

Surfer’s Cafe



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