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De Heart uh Barbados

De Real Island Life

Island Girl


Island Girl

Growing up on an island as small as Barbados and living in a parish that was not on the coastline, meant that you were always the brunt of jokes growing up…never mind that the beach was still only 15 minutes away from where I lived! My retort was always that at least I lived on a hill and I wouldn’t flood ‘way. Thinking back to this time really brings a smile to my face because it was like I had the best of both worlds – country living with beach access.  It was always cooler in the middle of the island and the views were to die for. We may not be coastal but we certainly didn’t lack for sea views. 

Just being able to be outside, running up and down the neighborhood with my friends really made my childhood special. We didn’t have nuh lot of traffic to contend with. The most serious thing was the old Transport Board manual busses strugggggggling to get up the country hills. What I wouldn’t give to be bare foot outside sitting down eating a koolaid right now. De heart uh Barbados is about family and taking care of everyone. The one thing I was sure of is that I would never go hungry, because I could get mangoes from the house next door, a breadfruit from Miss Sherley up de hill and girlie at the shop would always check. No matter where I go, my heart will always be in de heart uh Barbados.

Hands down my favourite place will always be Harrison’s Cave. The thing is, the video before the tour is what always puts me in my feels. I love the diversity of the flora around the area from Flower Forest and Coco Hill Forest all down to Hunte’s Gardens. And if it is green monkeys you are looking for to complete your trip to Barbados, just come up my side!

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Ark Animal Welfare

Hunte’s Gardens

Flower Forest


Off Road Fury

De Signal Station

Welchman Hall Gully

Eco-Adventure Park

Forest Bathing

Food & Drink

The Village Bar

Brighton’s Farmers Market

Velma’s Place

Selfie Spots

Mount Hillaby Lookout

Rock Hall Freedom Park

De Lion at Gun Hill

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