The East Coast of Barbados has been my home for 32 years and it shall be for another 70 years, God spares life. I’ve lived in a little area called Society in St. John. St John boasts one of the oldest churches and schools in Barbados and definitely some of the best views and food. The East has such a different landscape and ‘Vibe’ to it. On the West locals and foreigners look towards the new architecture, the fancy restaurants and sunsets; while the south looks towards infrastructural development, banks, the known towns and the north having the old mini-towns but the east? The east has this soothing, calming and jaw dropping architecture and aroma about it that makes you just forget all of your worries. You are at peace from 5:30 a.m. until the new moon is shining above you at 6pm. I take so much pride in the east due to how it makes me reset and study life in a different lens. It makes me dream of a brighter future through interesting developments that are not common within the Caribbean. I think people should visit the east just to get an understanding of what it means to be truly at peace from the sunrise to the sunset and to hear the ocean and birds speak to you in such a calming tone. I always say, if you wish to enjoy Barbados then you must meet a Bajan and become friends. Truly enjoying the luxuries of the east will set a tone for a lifetime. My favourite things to do in the east are: going for a drive along the coast, planting and picking fruit especially mangoes, seeing green monkeys, going to Round House Restaurant and enjoying the east coast sea for some adventure. The East inspires me.