"Island In The Sun"

Welcome to the land of sweetness, our island in the sun where the powdery sand of our white beaches kiss your feet and shimmering turquoise waters soothe your soul. A land where the only thing warmer than the sunshine is the smiling and welcoming disposition of the people. This is Barbados, the gem of the Caribbean Sea, a unique paradise located in the most eastern part of Caribbean archipelago.

Rich in history with a melange of cultural tapestry, Barbados is a destination that has something for everyone. Whether its the rugged landscape of the east coast, the luxurious lure of the west, the quaint charm of the north or the fun family atmosphere of the south, destination Barbados is life! Often referred to as the gastronomic epicenter of the Caribbean, the wide range of culinary offerings from street food to fine dining are the delights your taste buds have dreamed of.

Barbados is a vibe that fulfills any of your wanderlust desires, Barbados is sweet fuh days!


As you are planning your trip, make sure you know everything you need to have before you go. Getting to Barbados is pretty hassle free.



Passport, Visa & Health

Most countries do not require a visa to visit Barbados, so please check here to see if one is required of your country.

Customs - Duty Free

The government of Barbados allows that travellers into the island can bring a certain amount of items free of normal customs duty

charges. For locals, this allowance is limited to a yearly value of no more than $500 BBD. Please note that tobacco products are no longer allowed duty free.

Each individual over 18 years of age is allowed duty free:

  • 1 litre of spirits and 1 litre of wine.
  • 60 ml of perfume and 300 ml of all other scents.
  • Gifts up to a value of BBD$100

Prohibited Items

These items are prohibited and may not be brought into the island:

Foreign rum and matches, pornography, fresh fruit and vegetables (unless grown in or conveyed through certain areas, and with requisite permission: contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs for further information), and articles made of camouflage material.

A permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs in order to import meat and meat products.

Local Laws

As a visitor to Barbados, please note that there are severe penalties for drug offences including possession and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Also, be aware that is against the law for anyone, even children, to dress in camouflage clothing or carry items made with camouflage material.

Travellers With Disabilities

Grantley Adams International Airport is a partner in the “Totally Accessible” programme with the National Disabilities Programme. Airport bathrooms and other amenities at the airport are designed with such accommodation in mind. Pay phones and curbs are also provided for ease of use and there are lifts for accessing the first floor of the airport.

Your airline can provide you with a wheelchair if you need assistance to or from your flight. Service should be requested from the airline in advance, but if the need arises, you may also do so at the ticket counter when you check in.

Travel Tips

Travel as light as possible. Remember many airlines have decreased the weight/size of the hand luggage you can take on board – just be mindful of the rules relating to what can actually be taken as hand luggage.

  • Put your name clearly on the outside and inside of your bags. Remove extraneous tags and labels.
  • Pack valuables in your carry-on bags.
  • Be wise at check-in – make sure your bag is tagged with the correct destination label and ensure you keep your barcode sticker that normally gets tagged to your boarding pass. This is a unique number and matches you to your bag.


Let’s be real. This is an island and things can work a little differently to what you may be used to. Get acquainted with some island 'tings' to help prepare for your trip.