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Beach Bag

Catch 22

Off the beaten path, Sunset Point is one of the most serene locations on the island with an unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea. Peaceful location with a constant trade winds breeze. The perfect place to recharge, relax and revitalize.
Located on the one of the most north westerly parts of the coast, this unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea never gets old. With a constant north east trade wind blowing and peaceful green surroundings one can’t help but feel like they are in paradise at this location.
We have breathtaking seaside dining at our newly opened Catch-22 restaurant and bar where you can enjoy some of the best local dishes on the island.
Cuisine:- Eastern-European & West-Indian
Hours – Wednesday to Friday – 10am-5pm, Saturday to Sunday – 10am-7pm

About the Owner

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