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Northern Exposure

Quintessential Caribbean Living

Javon Griffith
Javon Griffith
BGI World Traveller

Welcome to the North of Barbados – with perhaps the most unspoilt terrain on the entire island. What makes the north of Barbados different is the inherent friendliness of the people, the uniqueness of the places to go and things to do and most importantly, the absolute peace and serenity that runs from coast to coast. A smile often comes to my face when I think of how lucky one is to live in the north of the island. I always marvel at how there are never any traffic jams, how quiet the beaches are and the north’s other indescribable charms. I really wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else on the island, but you would just have to visit for yourself to see exactly what I mean.

The north of Barbados has a lot to offer to both locals and visitors alike. From amazing restaurants like The Fish Pot and Animal Flower Cave to peaceful hideaways with corrugated coastlines like Archer’s Bay and River Bay with enamel-blue waters. We are also home to local and unique attractions like the Mount Gay Northern Distillery and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

My top 5 things to do in no particular order: a visit to River Bay; a tour of the Mount Gay Distillery; a visit to the Animal Flower Cave followed by lunch; a visit to Farley Hill National Park and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve across the road; a visit to St. Nicholas Abbey and nearby Cherry Tree Hill.

The north of Barbados is most definitely quintessential Caribbean living, full of multi-coloured villages, a rum-infused mellowness and friendly and engaging locals who’ll greet you with wide smiles whenever you visit.

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Sandbox Tree Spa

Unseen Barbados

Rural Trails & Tracks

Heritage Railway

Arlington House

Wildlife Reserve

St. Nicholas Abbey

Animal Flower Cave

Mount Gay Distillery

Food & Drink

Orange Street Grocer

Jumas Restaurant

PRC Bakery

Local & Co.

Fisherman’s Pub

Little Bristol Beach Bar

Pier One Restaurant

The Fish Pot

Catch 22

Selfie Spots

Harrison’s Point Lighthouse

Cherry Tree Hill

Farley Hill National Park

Cove Bay/Pico Teneriffe

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