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Beach Bag

Atlantic Way

The Path I Know by Heart

Dominique Tudor
Dominique Tudor

This is a message in a bottle, a love letter to my soul. I hope this letter finds its way home.

If you’re reading, this is from Barbados, the Atlantic Way. My way. This is where I grew up. Singing, running, dancing awkwardly between the jagged rocks, dodging erupting blow holes and crabs along the cliff side of Women’s Bay. I would bombard the fishermen and divers with questions about sea eggs and sea cat. Growing up by Long Beach, I questioned everything. “Why did they shoot those poor migrating birds Mummy? Why do we live in a swamp Daddy? Tell me who were the Amerindians they say lived here before? Why do sea grapes taste so ‘stink’ though? Why can’t I make a house in these Casuarina trees to live in? Why does everything in our house rust? Why are the waves the loudest at night? Why can’t I go pick coconuts and catch crabs with the boys?”

This was just the beginning of my love affair. My sense of hearing grew strong here. It’s right here at Long Beach that I learnt to listen to the ocean. It’s here that I first realized our connection to everything. It’s here that I lost and found family, friendships, fear, hope and love.

My favourite things to do: Start with a slow food organic breakfast at the famous Ocean Spray boutique ocean hotel, of EDM legend Avicii’s, ‘I could be the one’ music video fame. After, you could take a 1-minute stroll along the coast, and you’ll be right on time for a surfing lesson at Zed’s Surfing Adventures. You’ll probably be craving a beer or beverage after that, nothing a short walk to Buffy’s, the famous Karaoke community shop/bar of Inch Marlowe can’t solve. Finish your day with a slow walk to the middle of the two-mile-long beach and look to the left for a private spot amongst the palm trees. If you find it, pause by the makeshift bench for a rest, soak up all of the magic of the mystic Long Beach sights and sounds.

You should experience this. Go on your own journey, but walk the path I know by heart.

Ryan Forde

Beach Daze - Dover

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