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Pampered in Paradise

Pampered In Paradise – Atera Boutique Spa Your Haven On Earth 

If personalized attention and an elevated beauty experience is what you are looking for, then Atera Boutique Spa is definitely where you will find it.  When you walk into this gorgeously designed space, a sense of peace and tranquility immediately washes over you.  Relaxing music, aromatherapy scents and the modern luxurious décor reflect an oasis that is dedicated to beauty and wellness. 

Situated on the second floor of Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre in the parish of St.  James, Managing Director Rosaire Vincent, said Atera’s philosophy is to deliver a bespoke level of expertise in nail beauty and skincare.  “Our approach to wellness is less about quick fixes and more focused on prevention and maintenance.  We have a highly trained team of aestheticians and use the finest products for all of our spa services.  Here we offer our clients an opportunity to be pampered and get some respite from the outside world in a serene environment.  There is not a lot of chatter, our focus is on ensuring our client is completely relaxed and unbothered while receiving a rejuvenating beauty experience.”

Atera’s menu of services cover a wide range of options that reflect the subtle beach themed accents found throughout the spa. Whether it’s a manicure or pedicure, eyebrow wax or tint, a massage or a facial, when it comes to attention to detail the team at Atera is hard to match.  Specialty teas, prosecco, fresh juices and tasty treats are also on the menu.  

When it comes to cleanly surroundings Atera leaves no stone unturned, and in the age of Covid-19 that commitment is truly reassuring.  “We take pride in maintaining the highest level of hygiene.  Technicians are trained in the best standards of practices of sterilization.  All nail care instruments are cleaned and sterilized in a medical grade disinfectant and placed in individual sterile pouches until they are needed at which time they are opened in front of the guest.  Nail stations are kept clean, dust free and are wiped down with antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal solutions after each client.  We use EPA registered medical grade bactericide, fungicide and virucide for the foot basins after each pedicure.  Our cleaning procedures are in accordance with international standards and our local health agency regulations.”

With more than 25 years in the beauty care industry, Rosaire has seen firsthand, the impact that taking the time to care for one’s self has on improving your life.  “Self-care is something that we could all make more time for, it’s not indulgent, it is necessary.  Beyond glowing skin and pretty fingers and toes, taking time for selfcare also contributes lowering stress. I have seen people walk into the spa, stressed out and agitated with the weight of the world on their shoulders and by the end of the service it’s like they have been replaced by a whole new person, refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the world anew.”

As a bit of a spa junkie myself I can personally testify that Atera Boutique Spa takes 

RBR (relaxation, beautification and rejuvenation) to a completely satisfying other level!   

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