Changing of the Sentry

Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison:  It’s a bit like the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace but a lot less stiff, and a lot more colourful.  Back when Barbados was the “gem” of the British colony, the Changing of the Sentry at the Main Guard- the internal security headquarters of Historic Bridgetown’s Garrison military […]

Coco Hill Forest-The Green Therapy We All Need

With thousands of species of trees and plants as its backdrop, the air is definitely much clearer up in Coco Hill Forest.  Nestled in the hills of St. Joseph, this repository of nature’s goodness rests on 53 acres, overlooking Barbados’s beautiful east coast.   Bamboo groves, hundreds of Royal Palms, tree ferns along with many […]

Exploring World Heritage

Bridgetown goes beyond Barbados.  This port city’s charming town squares and stoic religious buildings share bittersweet glimpses of times past… Ready to explore? Grab your B&G Walking Map and go! National Heroes Square THEN  It was called Trafalgar Square, and was inaugurated in 1785. It was designed to frame the dolphin spouting Trafalgar Square drinking Fountain. The […]

#SuperBajanSelfieSpots – Most Iconic Places For Your Insta-Worthy Selfie

Soup Bowl -Bathsheba A favorite location for locals and surfers around the globe, Soup Bowl is the ideal spot for any selfie aficionado. Massive foam capped waves of the Atlantic break along a dramatic coastline of rock formations on the islands rugged east coast.  Every November local and international surfers converge on this spot for […]

A Beach for Every Mood…and Occasion

Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison and surrounding areas boasts several beautiful beaches to explore at leisure – each with a different charm, but all with an island enchantment that has brought them international attention. At almost all of these beaches, there are beach chairs and umbrellas available to rent, perfect waters for swimming or snorkeling, […]

Barbados’ Most Secluded Beaches

Barbados is home to some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world.  If you want to spend a day at the beach away from the crowds surrounded only by sand, sea and all of mother natures beachy glory, head to the South East of the island to the Parish of St. Philip which […]